SwissSportsPhysio annual meeting

Today I attended the annual meeting of the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy association (@SportfisioSwiss),

sportfisio 2014

The organization is led by fantastic open-minded physiotherapists, amongst others: President Stephan Meyer, head of sports physio at Swiss Federal Institute for Sports in Magglingen (and my colleague there) and long-time physio for the Swiss National Football team. Mario Bizzini of FIFA 11+ fame, from the Schulthess Klinik in Zürich. Nicolas Mathieu, professor of sports physio at the Higher Education School of Canton Valais. Suzanne Gard, @SuzanneGard, physiotherapist at Swiss Olympic medical center at Geneva university hospital and National delegate at EUSSER. Continue reading

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Concussion and the World Football Cup’s standards

The World Football Cup is the world’s largest sporting event, the Olympics aside. It has a huge worldwide audience and anything that happens during the event on television has an instantaneous and magnified impact.

FIFA-World-Cup-Brasil-2014-Logo-Full-HD-Wallpaper-Free Continue reading

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A few thoughts on the genesis of ideas

Haven’t you ever had one of those moments, where suddenly, out of nowhere, this idea pops up. This “brilliant” thought, you think, one which you have never had before, and which right there and then appears with clarity?
aha-momentWell, I haven’t had many of these. And if I ever did, I systematically made sure that it happened outside of the time or place dedicated to that sort of activity. Continue reading

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Be WISE, work in sport exhibition

Be Wise, Work in sports! This was the buzz word for the last 2 days in Lausanne, the world capital of sports administration, home of many international sporting federations, governing bodies, IOC and many education programs in the wider field of sports. Lausanne also happens to be my hometown, and I love this city and all it does for sports in general.

WISE Continue reading

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Bike freedom in Paris or how to prove Mr Rob Ford wrong

I just spent a full week in Paris, with little if any time to get some good exercise, let alone walk around the city as I was attending an exceptional musculoskeletal ultrasound course (more on that some other day), notwithstanding the fact that I recently felt a little twinge in my calf muscle… Yet there are so many things to see. What a shame, not?


This is the part where Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë (until April 5th 2014) comes in and saves the day. Continue reading

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April 6th was World physical activity day. Did you know?

Yesterday was the world day for physical activity Did you know? Of course there appears to be a “world day” for everything, so much so that one wonders how relevant they may be.  Continue reading

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What does a writer who runs tell about running

How do writing & reading compare to running ?


The easy link is through perseverance and endurance. Reading and even moreso writing require a relentless commitment. Of course when we flip the pages of a book, we continue because we are taken on a trip, an adventure, or simply put, a story.

Haruki Murakami is a writer who tells fascinating, fantastic and surrealist stories. And I love his books. But one of his books is of a different kind: “What I talk about when I talk about running“. Continue reading

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Why I will always go back to running

B course forêt dos

I discovered running very late, why would I have any interest in running, I was a basketball player almost all my life, and anything that didn’t involve running and jumping to score points seemed…well…pointless. Continue reading

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Because twitter is too short and there is so much to say

This has of course been long overdue. But I have finally gathered up some courage to start this website. I have been active on twitter (@DrSportSante) for some time now and it calls for more space to bring the conversation to another level.

I am a sports medicine physician to start with. This is my job, and I take care of elite athletes in Switzerland. Part of my job is conducting applied research in the field of sports science and sports medicine, along with teaching in these areas at various educational levels. My passion is for healthy active living, and performance as such only comes after the prerequisites for health have been met, which is not always an easy thing in elite sports, but should be for all of us in general. Continue reading

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