Be WISE, work in sport exhibition

Be Wise, Work in sports! This was the buzz word for the last 2 days in Lausanne, the world capital of sports administration, home of many international sporting federations, governing bodies, IOC and many education programs in the wider field of sports. Lausanne also happens to be my hometown, and I love this city and all it does for sports in general.


Is it really wise to work in sports? “It depends” might be the diplomatic answer. The rational answer would be (read this amazing job ad for a sports physio with UK sports before reading further): “Seriously? Crazy hours, no weekends for yourself, unstable environment (or constantly changing and evolving),..”. So wise may not be the appropriate adjective, although the organizers probably had something else in mind, or in their heart, rather: “Passion is an absolute necessity to work in sports”. It is also a field where one can express his/her passion and share it, develop it, even shape it for the future.  Wise becomes then the person that tends to his/her wellbeing and personal development, contrary to the fool, who allows routine to set in and monotony to take control. There is none of this in sports. Working in sports is more like walking on a thin cable across two towers: requires skills, dedication, patience, adaptation capacity, perfectionism, training, passion and yes, a bit of craziness.

Philippe Petit

These past 2 days have brought together a lot of passionate speakers from the sporting world, leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow. Whether they’ve been World Record holders like Sir Colin Jackson (110m hurdles), have trained Olympic and World champions like Jean-Pierre Egger, know about the laws regulating sports, study the science of sports and its application with elite athletes like Professor Grégoire Millet @GregoireMillet1 (University of Lausanne), sponsor the world of sports like Jean-Claude Biver from Hublot watches, direct educational programs in sports management like Claude Stricker of the AISTS or organize major sporting events like Athletissima, they all have this inner drive that helps them focus on their passion for excellence through sports. A lot of other speakers shared their knowledge aaists jpegnd experience with a good mix of professionals in sports and students, many of them from the AISTS Master of sports administration located in Lausanne.

The organizers from Sinergi have put together this unique event, trying to present the various professions in sports, and how they interact to support performance (in the athletic and entertainment sense). I was privileged to participate on a panel on sports sciences at the service of the athletic career, and it was a superb moment shared with Jean-Pierre Egger (Olympic coach), Mattia Piffaretti (sports psychology), Hicham Montasser (director, Sports Academy Lausanne), Fred Grappe @FredGrappe (Physiologist, performance coach La FDJ cycling).

Congratulations to my friend and former basketball opponent in the old days, Giancarlo Sergi, for putting together this event, which no doubt will become a classic in the years to come.

Boris Gojanovic

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