Because twitter is too short and there is so much to say

This has of course been long overdue. But I have finally gathered up some courage to start this website. I have been active on twitter (@DrSportSante) for some time now and it calls for more space to bring the conversation to another level.

I am a sports medicine physician to start with. This is my job, and I take care of elite athletes in Switzerland. Part of my job is conducting applied research in the field of sports science and sports medicine, along with teaching in these areas at various educational levels. My passion is for healthy active living, and performance as such only comes after the prerequisites for health have been met, which is not always an easy thing in elite sports, but should be for all of us in general. I have worked with people who are looking at exercise as a tool to increase their well-being, to spark a change in their lives, to bring them to another level in whatever it is that drives them, or to simply be healthier, in addition to the elite athletes that look for gold medals. In every situation, the individual is at the center and calls for specific and tailored advice, follow-up and motivation.

In this blog, I will share some experiences and lessons learned along the way. I will try to share some of the relevant science being reported in the fields of sports, exercise and health.

My twitter feed points to some of these things regularly, but here is where I will express my thoughts and ideas, with the hope to spark your interest, engage in the conversation, and of course…be part of it all. Whether you are simply interested in health and exercise, or you are an athlete, a coach, an entrepreneur trying to balance your life and energy, a wellness personal trainer, a therapist, a physical education teacher looking for applicable science, a journalist, a human ressources manager, there will be something relevant to you and those around you.

Stay tuned, stay healthy, keep moving!

And I’ll see you out there in the open.

Boris Gojanovic

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